A Smarter Commute

A platform for commuters to customize their trips by daily tailoring routes and times to their needs

Premium – Teporto Tailor

Personalized commuting for the modern employee

For the Commuter

Allows the modern commuter an easy and tailored way of getting to work, no matter the distance. The commuter can enjoy a service that answers to his/her daily changing needs, with guaranteed and instantly confirmed time of arrival. The commuter enjoys real-time notifications and updates

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For the Employer

Answers the need to increase the potential hiring pool and retention of top talent. The solution allows optimizing operation costs, and overhead while improving the company’s carbon footprint

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For the Transport Provider

Helps increase shuttle services demand by answering modern customers’ ever-changing needs, while obtaining all the required data to control the complex transportation operations

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Basic – Teporto Guru

Insights for a commuting service

For the Commuter

Takes out the uncertainty of daily commute service usage, and gives insights to commute changes

For the Employer

Provides the necessary data that a modern commute service needs, with insights to help optimize and save costs, while keeping track of carbon footprint reduction

For the Tranport Provider

Automated data distribution to customers and commuters to reduce overhead in daily customer service, while providing critical operational data

The Platform

A mobile platform for employers to offers their employees for daily personlized commuting service

The Bottom Line

The platform creates better ROI for both employer and the transportation provider by optimizing daily and enlarging the commuting service geographical reach while also increase usage

The Technology

Routes and timetables change daily to answer constant changes in demand and real-life scenarios and are based on AI predictions for usage and request times

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