Disrupting Everyday Commute

AI platform for smart shuttles, daily delivering a great commute service, reliable, flexible and affordable.

Smart Cities

Make your city more accessible and friendly for commuters, help your citizens move freely and give precedence to sustainable transportation in a positive way.

Smart Employers

Increase employee satisfaction and attract talents by solving one of their biggest, daily challenges.

Transportation Service Providers

Enhance your service, leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide a more flexible service, daily tailored to your customers needs.

Traffic congestion gets worse every year

Let’s be smarter

The current situation has got to change. Teporto frees commuters from driving and parking while freeing up space on the road from private cars.

The AI Solution

Letting commuters constantly influence the routing

Creating a true alternative to driving alone, making commuting with smart shuttles the smarter move. Leveraging HOV lanes, choosing a more sustainable way of life and gaining back the commute time.

Teporto is fusing commuters’ requests with its predictive model. Commuters interact seamlessly with the system, entering their changing requests on a daily basis and the system tailores the routes to their needs.

Machine learning

Transforming raw data into insights

Teporto’s algorithm combines demand prediction with dynamic routing and scheduling optimization. Taking the right decisions at the right time to ultimately create a smooth commute experience on highly utilized shuttles.

The Future

Tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles will create the traffic jam of the future. As long as we stay with one person per car, the problem will persist. The key is raising the seat occupancy. Teporto is delivering today the future of shared transportation.

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